WordPress Tutorial: How To Setup A Blog In 10 Minutes (2014)

Learn how to setup a Wordpress website in 10 minutes, complete with recommended services FreeVirtualServers and Elegant Themes' Divi.
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Alrighty so bit of a WordPress Tutorial / Getting started with FreeVirtualServers guide... Today we are going to get you setup online!

We are going to be using WordPress (Free), FreeVirtualServers (Free for the most part) and a theme (Free). I use the Divi theme (Not so free). This should cost you between £$0–£2.50/$4 a month – if you add the Divi theme, a one-off cost of between $5 – $79 (Free if I set you up, but thats when your a client and paying me to do stuff!).

To get started you'll need a couple things:

  1. A Business/Blog idea
  2. A Domain Name
  3. A Web Host
  4. WordPress
  5. The Divi theme if you want to install it
  6. A Credit Card

Step #1: Buying A Domain Name

The domain name of my blog is crystalpulse.co.uk. I could have gone with my name, but it was taken in all the variations I wanted so I invented a pseudonym for myself many many years ago and it stuck! You can have all sorts of endings, get a .com if you can, I went .co.uk because .com was taken (Not having much luck!), you can have all sorts of endings now, including .ninja and .creative, I don’t know how i feel about them but if you can use them professionally you might as well. The hosting company I will recommending today provides you a free domain when you sign up.

Step #2 Setting Up A Hosting Account.

Once you have the name, you need to buy space to. There are a hundreds of hosting services available. However, based on my experience, I recommend FreeVirtualServers. I believe it is the best option for starters because:

  1. FreeVirtualServers is great; free web host, free name + free renewal.
  2. They offer excellent customer service (located in the UK).
  3. Their packages are highly affordable. Basic is free but my recommended package is £24.99/$39.13 for the whole year!
  4. One Click install of WordPress.
  5. FreeVirtualServers are just a nice bunch of people from my hometown, Leicester.

START NOW: Click HERE to buy your domain and signup for hosting with FreeVirtualServers. I have provided a visual guide of the steps below.

FreeVirtualServers Step #1

FreeVirtualServers Front Page | crystalpulse.co.uk

Visit FreeVirtualServers on this link  and click the 'Get Started Now' button.

FreeVirtualServers Step #2

Step 2 Choose a package FreeVirtualServers

Choose your plan.

FreeVirtualServers Step #3

Step 3 Order New Services FreeVirtualServers

Choose your free domain name or bring over your current domain. Both are very easy processes.

FreeVirtualServers Step #4

Step 4 Domain Configuration FreeVirtualServers

FreeVirtualServers Step #5

Step 5 Shopping Cart FreeVirtualServers

Place your order and pay for your plan.

Next page you should see your basket with Hosting and Domain name. Notice the domain name is free! Click Checkout and over to the next page.

FreeVirtualServers Step #6

Step 6 Finalising the Order Free Virtual Servers
Enter your deets, how you are going to pay etc. Then agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Complete Order.

WordPress Tutorial:

Installing WordPress Step 1

Starting to install WordPress Free Virtual Servers

Into the meat of the WordPress Tutorial now. Once you’ve logged in, you will be taken to your FreeVirtualServers dashboard, you need to get to ‘cPanel’ where you can install WordPress (the software that runs your blog) in a few simple clicks. So at the top here, Services, down to My Services and on the next page click the Blue button ‘View Details’. At the bottom of the page now you should see ‘Login to cPanel’, click that.

Installing WordPress Step 2

Login and install WordPress Free Virtual Servers

Login to cPanel with the details you were emailed once you completed your purchase. On the next screen, scroll down till you see the Software/Services group and in there you’ll find Softaculous which is a handy auto installing tool!

Installing WordPress Step 3

Softaculous Powered by Softaculous

Choose WordPress.

Installing WordPress Step 4

Installing WordPress Part 1 WordPress

Few steps to take here. Go through and fill in your details.

Choose Protocol: This is the http://www. bit, you can have the www. if you want. Most people don’t use this anymore and its redundant BUT when it comes to tracking your site with Google Analytics and other analytic tools. http://www.website.com and http://website.com are technically two different things. So choose which one you want to have right now. You can tweak it later but its a bit more of an advanced thing. I went for  http:// only

Choose domain: Choose the site your working on, in most cases you’ll only have one choice but if you have a few sites with FreeVirtualServers then you’ll have more choices of site.

In Directory: This will say ‘wp’ to start with, get rid of that so that you are installing at the top level (www.website.com and not www.website.com/wordpress etc).

Database name: Name it if you like, just keep note of it

Table Prefix: leave as ‘wp_’

Site Name and Description: You can put what you want, we can update this later no worries at all

Enable Multisite: Leave unticked

Installing WordPress Step 5

Installing WordPress Part 2 | WordPress Tutorial

Further down to have some more options;

Admin Username, Password, Email: Put all your bits in here, when you are editing your site you’ll be logging into this installation of wordpress so these are the details for that. Email address you can make whatever you want, good idea for it to be active but in theory it could be one you intend to create soon. This all can also be changed later if you like.

Language: English

Limit Login Attempts: Leave untucked, we can play with another time.

Advanced Options: Another one for the alter list

Theme: Laterrrrr….!

Email instructions and then Install | WordPress Tutorial

IMPORTANT: At the bottom is the 'Email instructions to:' This email address needs to be active because its going to send you all this information for your records and for your convenience. Enter the email first and then click install. I don’t know why they do it the weird way up like this but they do and some hastey peoples have gotten themselves into a pickle but not putting an email in that box!

Installing WordPress Step 6

Email WordPress Details | WordPress Tutorial
Softaculous will install WordPress on your server and let you know when it’s complete, it will also email your details to you. In that email is a link that looks something like this; http://website.com/wp-admin/. That is your WordPress login address, click it!

Installing WordPress Step 7

Wordpress Dashboard | WordPress Tutorial
You’ll get the login screen where you login and are sent through to WordPress. Congratulations you are now up and running!

Bonus Step

I skimmed over themes earlier, but now is a great opportunity to install Divi, the theme i use and recommend. If you bought it from ElegantThemes, you’ll have a .zip file you downloaded, locate that. Similarly, you might have got it from me as a client or from another source. Either way, locate that .zip!

Head over to ‘Appearance’ on the left there and Themes. There is a big Add New Theme button next to any other themes that are installed. Click that and then at the top there is ‘Upload Theme’

Wordpress Login | WordPress Tutorial Add Themes | WordPress Tutorial

Installing Divi Upload | WordPress Tutorial

You’ll then see a button to choose a file from your hard drive, do so and find the Divi .zip. Choose, Open and it will start uploading, once upload is successful you’ll be given the opportunity to use it. Do so.

Boom, done!

Hope you enjoyed this WordPress tutorial, next step, tweaking your site into something magnificent!

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