Where Can You Put Me Too! Content?

Me Too content gets a bad wrap but it can be useful, your voice on a matter, matters, and although not content driving, it certainly has a place...
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Me Too! content is basically stuff thats already out there, that you write as well, and everyone has done the same thing, in great numbers. ‘There is nothing new under the sun’ they say, so you can’t avoid this – but putting your own voice on something is a way to make it more unique

If you’re a blogger, you will be very likely to write a 'How To' on starting a blog. You’ve done the journey and you can write about it, it will be helpful — no doubt about it. But, you’re not really going to stand out with that bit of content.

Be Unique, like a Snowflake | crystalpulse.co.uk

Amongst the probably millions of other articles saying the same general thing, this post is going to do bugger all for you. But it IS helpful, and there should be a place for stuff like this. Good news is there is.

I’ve talked about a Start Here page before and its incredible benefits to any website. This is a good place for your me to content. You’re aiming the take away any obstacles on your readers journey. If they get to your start here page and you start making assumptions about them, you may lose people. If you want to keep them, you create a series of posts that get them to the point you want them at so you can provide most value.

Of course you can make a tactical move here, if the audience you attract is where you want them, and you’d really like to go Occams Razor on their ass, you make the assumption they are at a level and anyone who isn’t, leaves, and you then have a qualified segment of that audience that you can straight up talk to. No messing about, no pandering and talking softly in their ears to get them to a point. Just cut.

Anyway back to the Start Here page. You’ll come across stuff on other peoples site that is super useful to your audience, or at least will be. You don’t want to rip it off, and you could just link out to it, but then you might be losing them forever to that site that solves the need. To keep them you make your own version of this thing you found, you acknowledge your source, you acknowledge multiple sources, you give your view on it all, maybe share a tip you have to add, and in general you write the post in your own voice. In this way, you are creating curated content – Which seems to be all the rage at the moment:

Curated Content

Content Curation
Have you seen Brian Clark’s Further or Dave Pell’s NextDraft emails? They are in a similar vein of Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings, (A little bit Me Too! content, no? Haha) they come across something interesting and highly relevant, and give their own take on it, before linking in the article, sections or quotes from it. This is slightly different from Me Too! content and may well stand well on its own.

I don’t know if you feel it to, but when I create this kind of curated content, I can feel a bit disassociated with it, like the effort it took me to put my own voice on it, isn’t enough to justify it as something I created. I need to learn that my voice is actually quite important and is just as much me as anything i’ve written, whether 100% me or just 10%. It all plays a part and It is equally useful to our audiences.

You’ve got some great content here, so put it somewhere nice on your Start here page or wherever you think it might be most useful and also, go through your posts that are relevant, and add in links back to this new article. Link Juice!

Repurposing content

As you write this post, you may notice you have an interesting take on it all, maybe this could be a smaller Medium post and link back to the article. You might feel that one of the ways you use to describe the thing, is quite resonant. Create a pull quote, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, link back to your post. LINK JUICE AHOY!

Hope this was useful, if you know someone who could benefit from these words, maybe someone who is more of a curator and feels a bit insecure about not having too much of their own content on their site, then this post is perfect for them. Send it to them!

What are your thoughts on this? Where else could curated Me Too! content be used on your own site?

Content curation image © Curatti

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