How To Build A Remarkable Personal Brand with Video

Video is massive, and it's only getting bigger each year. In this post I'm going to be exploring what we can do with video to build your personal brand.
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In this post, I'm going to explore the topic of Personal Branding on social media, and in particular how YouTubers create their personal brands online. Individuals who want to establish a personal brand in the digital environment can use this framework as part of their branding process. Just like a corporate branding strategy, personal branding across social media should include a consistent content strategy. Building a Personal Brand is also an aspect of brand marketing, and it is mandatory to present your skills, passions, values and other personalities.

Personal Branding Content Strategy

First, create a content strategy for your personal brand and list potential topics that might be helpful to your target audience. If you are serious about creating your "personal brand," I recommend you aim for at least 1 piece of quality content per week.

Simple Personal Branding Content Strategy

You can use YouTube to give your personal brand more visibility and create a place where people can be entertained and learn more about your business. Vlogging, blogging and other forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook can help connect with your audience in a whole new way.

This way you can build your own standing on your desired platform and be successful with your personal branding on social media. You will be able to build a better and more effective personal brand by being a consistent voice for your brand messages across all your social media channels.

For service professionals, experts and executives who want to build a personal brand but don't know where to start, develop a roadmap. If you're serious about building your personal brands over time, you can turn your roadmap into a formal plan.

As part of your business or as a company owner, building a personal brand that matches your employer's brand can lead to business growth. Although it will be harder for you to build your personal brands than for the company you work for, it can be a great advantage for you and the business.

Brand Positioning

Building a personal brand that positions you as a trailblazer - as an expert in a particular industry or niche - helps you attract more ideal customers. Building a really targeted and powerful audience means people know exactly why they should be on your channel, and if they see and share positive feedback, then you want to monetise your personal brands in that way.
Once you know what you want to achieve, you can design branding plans on social media platforms accordingly. This not only helps you build your personal brand much faster but also helps you build your position as an on-go expert for your specific industries and niches, which draws you to more than just your ideal customer.

You could build a personal brand where you can create make-up tutorials, write articles about common make-up questions, or host a series of make-up tutorials on your personal YouTube channel. A great example is Dennitslava Makeup.

Denitslava Makeup and Beauty's Personal Branding - YouTube

If you want to build your personal brand on how you like to take risks, you can create content through a range of daredevil activities. Create yourself a very unique brand by combining two factors... We could create a video about the dangers of makeup and hair as well as the benefits of hair care, combining the daredevil side of you with the makeup and beauty! YouTube is a huge asset for any business, and owning a YouTube channel and using it as part of your social media marketing strategy is another. You have the option of having both a social media strategy and a personal brand in one place, whether on YouTube or on your website.

In this sense, personal branding is a great way to stand out and build a remarkable brand on YouTube. To have a significant base in YouTube, you need your personal brand to enhance your channel. This all works together to build your followers and brand with power of visuals/video.

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