10 trends for 2021 - Content Creator and Social Media Marketing

I was thinking about all the things that happened in 2020, other than the obvious! I make notes of things that catch my eye and how things develop – I'm thinking they can only become more prevalent. So lets jump in! Micro Influencers or Nano Influencers I think large influencer marketing is going to die […]
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I was thinking about all the things that happened in 2020, other than the obvious! I make notes of things that catch my eye and how things develop – I'm thinking they can only become more prevalent.

So lets jump in!

Micro Influencers or Nano Influencers

I think large influencer marketing is going to die off. The curve is flattening! I’m getting fed up of seeing, in my case, YouTubers promote products. I just don’t believe what they’re saying and recommending ant, regardless off the disclaimer that came before about how the review is their opinion and the brand didn’t see it.

Personally, I turn to people like me, that have tried and tested a product, and found the best one for themselves. It’s more relatable and it’s more useful.

Sure the latest Canon R5/Sony A7SIII is a brilliant brilliant camera, but it’s better for me to get a GH5 or BMPCC6K and a host of other accessories, over saving up for this beast camera. Yet, ever YouTuber and their mother is now sporting the R5/S3 and making me feel like if I don’t have it, I’m not going to be able to achieve desirable results.

This is impact influencers can have. I’m at least well versed in marketing manipulation and can notice it’s effect on me and make changes, re-introduce myself to the correct path. Other’s won’t be as fortunate and can get stuck in depression spirals that cripple your output.

So I think brands will further invest into micro influencers and nano influencers ti get their products in front of people with sub 10k followers.

The slowest sluggish brands will of course have only just started investing as of this year, so look forward to some god-awful promos coming from the biggest celebs that completely fall flat on their face ROI-wise. A Kardashian line of anything at this point can suck a dick, Peter McKinnon recommending me anything is water off a ducks back, his needs and my needs are far off. Matti Haapoja hits me in the face with how formulaic and calculated his videos are – can never take them seriously these days!

Virtual Teams

Corona has shown many organisations that their brick and mortar isn’t as required as maybe they would have thought, Nothing beats having your team with you in person to smash out ideas and execute, but maybe it’s not so necessary to be in house sitting at your desk doing basic shit as much.

I think what that’ll mean though, is more freelancer options, book in your creator for when you need them, the rest of the time they pile on the workload to the other scrubs in the organisation!

Stock images and footage

Again a thank you to corona. brands started to need content quickly, they couldn’t go out and get it as much so a reliance on quality stock was needed. Places like Stocksy and ArtGrid have bespoke stock imagery to use and it’s great, more people know they can easily ‘get away’ with stock now. Goodbye, iStockPhoto and Getty…. except not really, at all!

Short form video

Thanks to TikTok, our attention spans are even shorter. Facebook and YouTube, no doubt LinkedIn and Twitter will also be getting involved in full-screen portrait short-form videos. TikTok is learning that they can probably go to 3minute videos, something Facebook has already been doing so, maybe we see IGTV strengthen, or repurposing of IGTV to TikTok. 

For me personally, as soon as we can do away with Facebook Corp. the better. I think they are the cancer of the world, I hope TikTok eats them alive!

Digital currency / Blockchain

If nothing proved it more than ever before, it’s that digital currency is the future. Everyone was fucked by Corona, banks interest rates have shat themselves, various stocks have BOOMED, you can either have your money in a bank and gain 0.5% or you can maybe stick a little bit here and there in alternative storage forms and see well over 7-10% interest… monthly!! That’s not the main point I want to make here though, it’s that governments may not relax their track and trace positions as it stands. Knowing everything about its population is incredible power, I’m all for decentralising power where possible, so unlinking yourself from the traceable world to me is a good thing. The blockchain makes things faster and more private, groovy! A universal income is far more achievable via blockchain, that is also a good thing.


Anchor.fm bought by Spotify not long ago, podcorn – an influencer podcast marketplace, simplecast, acast, podcast.co and a whole host of other options – podcasts are easier to create, faster to put out, and especially now, people are looking for ways to multi-task – to learn and work at the same time now that they’re working from home more. Podcasting is going to see another golden boom in 2021


I’m a big believer in AI, my best stocks this year have been AI-related, I love AI fuelled creative programs like Luminar.ai, I love gratuitously scaling bad JPEGs into useable sizes with Gigapixel, I love machine learning! Nvidia, Micron, Tesla, Amazon, tech in general, all getting deeper and deeper into AI and it’s paying me very well!


It’s still kicking around, and it's getting better and better every year. Pretty solid platform at this point, funded by plenty of big businesses, taking a very Microsoft slow and steady approach to things – when it does implement it comes in pretty well-formed in my opinion.


Instagram caption writing jobs are through the roof this year. Scripts for videos, that leads to captioning, need a great script all the time now that we’re going to be tripling down on video in 2021. Knowing how to smartly and effectively communicate, in all forms, is going to be beast in 2021. TikTok in bringing in the desire for closed captioning, to be a respectable creator now, you best be providing captions for your hard of hearing bros! Also very handy for enjoying international content, the world is filled with fantastic people, and sometimes we too lazy to learn the language, so translation is going be handy, so let me just make that a heading…

Translation / International content

Corona, again, it’s made the world smaller. We’re all suffering in similar ways, we’re all online talking and sharing, making international friends, enjoying international content is easy, recommended and beautiful!

So these are my top ten predictions / feelings for what's going to be important in 2021.

What do you reckon, got any inside secrets to share!?

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