TextExpander snippets to speed-up your workflow

I’m an advocate of the shortcut, anything that strips the mundanity from my life and gives me more time for creativity is essential. I use a variety of programs and techniques to shave hours off my day, I wanted to share my TextExpander snippets with you today:

Using Text Expansion software

Text expanders (TextExpander, Snippet, aText, TypeIt4Me, Typinator) are excellent for saving heaps of time. If you google “TextExpander snippets” you’ll likely get a whole host of awesome. Below are a couple I use very often, saving me as little as 3 seconds to whole 10 and 15 minutes worth of typing. Stacks up pretty quickly leaving you a lot more time to get stuff done.

I’ll be using TextExpander 4 for these but the principle is the same. Make sure you have read up how to create the snippets and the gobble-de-gook that makes dialogue boxes appear.

The first thing i put in quotations is the “Label” value and the next part is the “Content: plain text”

Email sign offs




Chris Hart
Graphic Designer
crystalpulse design

Thank you notes:


[two_third_last]Hey, %filltext:name=person%,

Thanks so much your business. Please note that I have attached an invoice to this email for $%filltext:name=amount%.

Let me know if you have any other questions, %filltext:name=person%!

Thanks again!

YOUR NAME[/two_third_last]

Where those %filltexts and shit are they pop up in a dialogue box for you to put in your info. Thats the gobble-de-gook shit i mentioned earlier.




I have one of those set up for my various email address’

Search Sites (Courtesy of Chase Reeves)

If you ever use that search site facility Google has: “site:www.website.com keyword” which searches the specified website for the keyword after the space, then this one is for you


[two_third_last]site:icetothebrim $[/two_third_last]

That dollar sign I put in but basically you are going to have use some drop down menus to tell TextExpander the cursor wants to be placed after the space

Clipboard pastes



whatever is in my clipboard, wrapped in quotation.



whatever is in clipboard now in brackets

New File (Courtesy of http://bit.ly/Wmooxh)

As a converted mac user, I miss that ability Windows had to create an empty new file. Well, we can sort that out now with this beaut in TE4 (probably the others but I don’t know first hand):

Change the “Content: plain text”  to  “Content: Shell Script” and paste this in:

“#! /bin/bash
cd ~/Desktop
touch %filltext:name=file name:default=index.html%”
Like you would in Terminal; ‘cd’ to the Desktop, create a new file using the ‘touch’ command.

Then for the abbreviation I went with  “;;file”

Now on your desktop, type file, don’t worry TextExpander is listening still, it will give you a pop up box and you can name your empty file!

Elevator pitch


[two_third_last]Chris Hart; Graphic Artist and Designer for Film, TV, and Music

2 years industry experience, technically advanced with excellent design knowledge and execution” blah blah it then lists my social media links emails etc, I dont wanna spam it all in this post cos y’all never read it all![/two_third_last]

And so on, other uses are quickly pasting Lipsum text, placeholders, anything that you have to type out repeatedly can probably be abbreviated and eradicated from your routine forever!

Further resources:

Best TextExpander Snippets For Web Developers

I’m always on the lookout for more TextExpander Snippets, there are some wonderous things you can do with them in Development and Coding, but I’m not too code heavy so don’t really have the opportunity to use those to much!

If you have any which are so good they deserve to be on this list let me know and i’ll get them on here and credit you!

+Chris Hart

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