Motivation happens 10 minutes in

Pie chart showing the first 10 minutes in a dull green and then the rest of the pie is in bright green

I can’t find the quote but I read something along the lines of

“Motivation happens 10 minutes in”

I’d got very stuck in Productivity-porn, trying to find a way to get up and churn out incredible shit, just some inspiration and it never really happened. I mean, every now and then inspiration struck, but nowhere near enough to be able to rely on it. So I came across this quote and the light switched on for me. I’m very familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, and I’ve used it before, it’s got stuff done for me sure, but this quote, finding out that motivation isn’t there until you’ve actually stated, that generated/joined/made the synapse for me and I know now – ‘Just Start!’

2018 update: Motivation starts as early as 5 minutes in! Just start – Set yourself just one task for that day that if done, would be great. Then you can go back to bed, you did what you needed to do. Start that task for 5minutes and see what happens.
You could even break down your goal into 5minute chunks and get to work on that! Easy right?!
#motivation #GetShitDone!

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