Global Design Trends by Shutterstock

Shutterstock put this out in January 2014, its excellent. Just have a quick look over it and take that all in. Theres a short discussion at the end of this post.

Global Design Trends

So first, props to Shutterstock for putting that together. Beautiful.

Design trends for 2014 then

Authenticity and style. We’ve seen the uprise over the past two years for Instagram and now SnapChat. Instagram revolutionised photography for most people by making it incredibly accessible. Many apps tried, did a good job, but Instagram got that hook in. So we’ve seen beginners put out the majority of stuff, no contrived imagery, just as you see it, shoot > filter > post. So it’s no wonder we are trending with filter and candid photography. It’s a brilliant thing, I am SO behind the drive for authenticity and human interaction, I think businesses need to do everything they can to be human. Approachable, sincere, warm, loving. All that shit. Too long have we been locked into ridiculous contracts, service charges, being charged for convenience! It’s all stupid, greedy business antics that just should not be around anymore! Anyway I divulge, on with the show.

Locally trending. Worth paying attention at these local trends for a bit, context is god right now, Google’s Hummingbird implementation means context is absolutely vital to be ranking well. Build your focus and work inside it, expand slowly. Context ratchets you down, increases resonance in your message, so pay close attention to what your city (or target demographics city) is trending for. Things look to be going simpler and simpler still, so keep it tidy, clean and minimal, ‘pop’ colours on a similar palette, use colour schemes.

Women play the biggest role online I feel sometimes, dominating a lot of search terms and web avenues. I think we see this because the female demographic will search for their interests, but additional pretty faces will draw a male demo and as such we have larger amounts of traffic. Interesting to see that spike in 1920s dress, I think it’s just simply because of the Gatsby film, I’m not sure the trend will continue into 2014, though it could well have piqued a romance for days past. If we look at the catwalk, theres a 90s revival going on certainly, lots of splash colour, bleeds and iridescent slips!

Moore’s Law. As cameras and video technology gets better, load speeds get shorter, access to beautiful video is on the rise and will only continue to rise as more and more people get on the Content Marketing bandwagon. Its helpful though, seeing something happen, in action is the fastest way for most people to learn. Again as apps bring more accessibility to the practice, we can only expect better, crisper more beautiful video. Keep it simple still, don’t over complicate, stay on topic and to the point, or if your establishing the more free-flowing style, keep that engaging with multiple cameras and swap effectively.

Typography trends are continually spiking left, right and centre. My recommendation here is play, copy and assimilate. The best way to learn how to combine fonts is to try it out and copy till you got it locked down. Keep to your branded fonts on anything remotely professional though, you don’t ever want to loose your foundation. You notice in this Infographic, Shutterstock still keeps to a base collection of fonts used across all of their images, posts etc.

All in all, great research, Shutterstock will continue to be a great place to go because they are so incredibly on-top of all this and i thoroughly recommend checking their blog out when do some visual stuff, just to keep you on point and open to new approaches. Obviously, great for discovering the trends as well!

Thanks Shutterstock!