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Copyright Free Images Plugin for Your Blog

I’ve been using ImageSuite again recently with a client and was pretty impressed with it, thought I’d share my experience.

For blogs you need images, to head up your posts and better describe things to the reader. Stock images are great, they do the job – sometimes in a bit of a cliche way- but it gets the job done. An image typically will increase click-throughs by about 94%, 60% increase in organic traffic (Google it, you’ll see more delicious number increases from image use!)

So what are your options? You can buy royalty free stuff, maybe find some things on the CreativeCommons… Steal an image and hope they don’t notice (They will, there are literally jobs and robots out there scanning for illegal uses and they will jump in your ass like Ice Cube in 22 Jump Street!) but all of these, can be a bit of a task and turns out there is an app for that!

ImageSuite has all of the non-attribution licensed stuff in one neat WordPress plugin! Which is great for you and probably your clients, you can stay inside WordPress and with Divi, have pretty much everything catered for.

Heres a video for you to check out:

Hope it excites you and if you go through and get it, let me know how you get on and what you get up to with it!