Build It and They Will Not Come

You can tell the most engaging story, be the greatest filmmaker in the world, take an audience through the range of emotions, laughing, crying, hating, loving. People watch films for enjoyment, escapism, learning and as coping mechanisms. The who, what, where, why and how of life can be extracted from these stories, from these films. Yet, if no one sees it, no one will ever know.

“We live for stories—whether they’re movies or TV shows or plays or poems or even newspaper pieces. We want stories told to us over and over again. Why else would we want to watch movies multiple times, or insist on seeing ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ every year? They comfort us, they arouse us, they excite us and educate us, and when they touch our hearts we embrace them and keep them with us.”
Mary Lawrence

They are important and vital to us as humans, it’s imperative that you get your film seen!
Build it and they will come, a line that may have worked for Kevin Coster in ‘Field of Dreams’ but as always outside of film, the world is a much harsher place.

A better approach to ‘building it’

User Avatars

Knowing exactly who this film is for, who it will change, who it will help is one of the best ways for success. The sooner you know exactly who they are, what they like, how they want it, the sooner you can give it to them *Flicks on Marvin Gaye* Mmmm baby.
Wen I write about it, you’ll hear all about the two ways to make film; inside out or outside in. User Avatars is the outside in approach, the more business socks way to think about making a film. Know who’s buying it before you sell it.


You can pivot your way to success by getting feedback on certain aspects of your film, one at a time, clips here and there to trusted sources, feedback on the poster, is this the right direction? What does the audience say, like it or loathe it? Get their feedback and it could well give you key insights into catering the project for most success. You may go down one road, because your the boss and after all this is your project, but ignorance of this kind can sometimes take you to the thin road of no return! Iterating as you go in the start really keeps you grounded and more secure. Added benefits come from this involved community, by giving feedback people feel more involved, they are part of this now and they want success as much as you. These are guaranteed bums on seats we’re talking about here!

…and getting them to come

Direct Contact

Don’t be afraid of directly contacting people, directly to them, in their office. When it comes to getting word out about your film, Direct contact is a massive help, a personalised approach stands out from the rest of the crap people get through their boxes. Try experimenting with formats of paper and card, stimulating copy, maybe even small, distinct, on-brand gifts

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