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Global Design Trends by Shutterstock

Global Design Trends by Shutterstock

Shutterstock put this out in January 2014, its excellent. Just have a quick look over it and take that all in. Theres a short discussion at the end of this post. — So first, props to Shutterstock for putting that together. Beautiful. Design trends for 2014 then...

Build It and They Will Not Come

You can tell the most engaging story, be the greatest filmmaker in the world, take an audience through the range of emotions, laughing, crying, hating, loving. People watch films for enjoyment, escapism, learning and as coping mechanisms. The who, what, where, why and...

11 ideas you can steal from film

Tell a story, tell another story, and then tell a story The Place Beyond the Pines Three narratives, all linked but all different. They feed off one another, find a place in your heart and show you what stories feel like when they are done well. Be so predictable, its...
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