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About Crystalpulse

Welcome to the dark side

It’s all about the Creative Entrepreneur

Hey, what’s up? I’m Chris Hart, known online as Crystalpulse. I work with Creative Entrepreneurs and using design, words and online marketing, make their businesses make Ker-Ching noises.

Typically my clients are asking:

  • “How can I get a website up fast and be able to update it all myself?”
  • “What do I need to do to get the ball rolling?”
  •  “How can I get more clients?”

and maybe most importantly

  • “How can I get people to actually care about my business?”

If this sounds like you . . . . . . You’re in the RIGHT place!

Why read Crystalpulse?

It’s Fresh and Popping.
I’m working everyday to sell products and experiences to audiences. Everyday, trying new ways to attract and engage an audience. I’m wrapping these up into tasty blog morsels as soon as I see success. You get the lowdown and STRAIGHTFORWARD, PRACTICAL instructions so you can get some pennies in your pocket, and back out there making stuff ™ that matters.

It’s Sexy, Soulful and Slender.
My approach to doing stuff – is to do it Well – do it Effectively and look Good doing it. So rest assured, all these tips and tricks are going to keep you hot in the eyes of the competition. In fact forget competition, your in a league of your own. Note: Sometimes Ugly works, I’ll show you that too.

It’s Fluffless.
‘Take Action Right Now’ approach to strategies. Just to re-iterate on that slender part above. There is NO waffle, no ins and outs, no history, background or the evolution of things. The post goes like this: What is it? Why do I need it? How do I do it? Profit. Thats it.

About Chris Hart

After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design I was fortunate enough to return home to Leicester and be whisked away into the licensing industry with Pyramid International. Here, I had great exposure to a variety of huge licenses, brands and products from the meaty selection below! Companies I have worked with I got the itch, fancied the freelance life and figured the best place is the busiest place, London.

I’ve set up shop as a Graphic Designer and Consultant for Entrepreneurs trying to do things a little different. I got the ball rolling and in having to market my own business, it’s become very clear that finding out exactly who you are, and how you work, is the key to it all.

I’ve always seemed to want to go against the grain, find my own way to make it work, go the path less travelled. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to ‘proving people wrong’, on quite a few levels! I thought maybe I was just overly arrogant and ignorant, somewhat true yes, but I did some deep cognitive tests and it turns out I fall under the Archetype of ‘Creative Rebel’. I’m not really into all that zodiac, stars, space, sun energy stuff, but reading through all the other archetypes, there was just some incredible truth to it all. It spoke to me like nothing before and I was alight!

As soon as I started to think about how I (A Creative Rebel) would react in certain situations and what a Creative Rebel works towards, I started to resonate a lot more with people. They listened where they didn’t before, I was being authentic in my outlandish claims and intentions. My desire to rebel has become a breeding ground for creativity and innovation – I quite literally hop-skip-leap over pitfalls others can’t.

Now that you’ve read all that, you know all about me, maybe theres something in there you resonate with? Are you like me? There’s a back catalogue of stuff you need to see, hear and read…

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