10 Life Saving Blog Post Ideas (For When You Are Shit Out Of Luck!)

Not yet in the swing of blogging, I really struggle getting posts out. It might not be that I struggle with ideas for posts, but actually wanting to and writing them are miles apart most days.

But I have come across a few kickstart post ideas that do get me working, they are life-saving because they completely pull me out of the rut particularly if its now 20 past 8 and I still have nothing to show for the day (Which at time of writing it is!)

Here are ten post ideas, pretty much guaranteed to get that ball rolling:

A How-to post

Teach somebody something. I came across something recently which was “Instead of aiming to make $1million, aim to help $1million” you’re sure to make more money that way too :p but it mainly takes your mind off money for a bit. Money is a bit evil ya know!

What are you reading?

I’ve usually got a book on the go, if you haven’t got your reading habit yet, you definitely should. Books is power, bro!

List posts

The classic. Write lists of stuff, one of them might be interesting to you and no doubt will be interesting for you’re audience. Get some inspiration from listly

Write about a tool or piece of software that you couldn’t live without

I’m always curious what is a vital must-have item for people, sometimes the answers are a bit obvious, so maybe endeavour to point out a must-have that is over looked, under-the-radar or just plain unknown

Create something useful for your niche and write the post about it

Get started by explaining the benefits of the thing, then talk about how to do it. If you can create some giveaways to help, create and give them away as well

Case study of a recent project you were involved in

Great post because it also demonstrated your skills to potential clients, aspiring people also get to see behind the curtain a bit – which is always fun!

Write about something you learned recently

We are always learning, what did you last learn how to do? What helped you learn? Was there a course you took? (Is there a way to get some affiliate money by referring people?)

Steal a question from your niche from Reddit/YahooAnswers/Quora and answer it on your blog

Credit to original place… if you want :P

Write a post aimed at someone brand new to the site

What do they need to know? What should they know? What would help them get started the swiftest? What are the common mistakes?

Write about the ideal skill set for your niche

Persistence, self-reliance, unwavering belief, discipline and focus spring to mind for this one. Really should work on those!

Bonus tip:

Turn the internet off (Maybe block it with SelfControl ) or go on a train somewhere. I usually find if I haven’t got internet, then I just have to write something!

Hope thats helpful and gets you started writing something. Coincidentally this was a combination of a few of them; a list post that is useful… Not all list posts are created equal you see!

There are many more ‘ball-rolling’ things you can do, what helps you the most? Share in the comments below, I for one am super interested!

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